by Lost On Me

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'Demonstration' is the debut EP of Newcastle, Uk based Post Punk band Lost On Me. Its physical release is limited to 50 cassette tapes via Glasgow based tape label Burn Church Press, and was written / recorded by Lost On Me during 2016 & Mix/Mastered by Chris McManus March 2017 at Blank Studios.


released April 26, 2017

LOST ON ME is : -

Martin Downing - Guitar/ Vocals / Drum Programming
Jazmine Rains - Bass



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Lost On Me Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Post Punk circa 2017

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Track Name: Protection
Always free a bitter end
see no sense to loathe
you always preach
but see i’m stone
a credit to those years

Must shield my world
let leaches do their worst
forget-how everything takes work
should shield my world
earn everything I hold
the oath that never seems to show

but know I say what I see
i don’t belong to your cause
and I don’t mean to shame
but I won’t feel
the need to pretend

and we don’t ever seem to change
so weathered now
you see theres good
but never fear I won’t rejoice

Can only see my way
so I don’t care, if we don’t return
so maybe peace is all i ask
won’t give up on myself
Track Name: Landslide
For all thats worth
I can’t see
many ways to go
but know that lately I feel good

Always giving up on hope
won’t play the fool nor be the hero
better gone
than here to fall
i promise not what
i can’t prove

Hold on to my breaks
there’s many things I’ve found to strained
though i see through
since freedom makes us whole
so lately I feel good

People come and people go
better left i see there's truth
forever talking to long
and i can’t wait
need something to be done
Track Name: Balance
Never show my soul
I feel the strain
lord i need to save
what's done is done
my friend
many roads i’ve been down
looking backs so gold

Given up i can’t forget some problems
but see you soon
never let you hold too close
so i can feel
the sun

Young at heart
I don’t care
confession to the way I hear
never learn til i’m broke down
but at least i learn

Cutting out the pain i still fear i could lapse
destroy to rebuild

Theres always those who care
I wish them well
Track Name: New Beginnings
Wake up
so long fare well
sometimes change is good
I don’t see myself
prolonging whats to come

Fuck all those things
you see as goals
I’m a million miles from here
much to learn
and guilt to show
I don’t believe theres hope

I’ve never felt so whole
I’ve just free’d myself
from everything you've chose

Dreaming of our end, I'd
hate-on all you mould
but may be could see you someday
but i don’t see the use

See fourth, theres no relief
i’m better lost than yours